June 6, 2023

Keyboard Review: Akko PC75B V2 Plus - Another 75% with a knob, a large knob.

Keyboard Review: Akko PC75B V2 Plus - Another 75% with a knob, a large knob.
Akko PC75B Plus V2

The Akko PC75B Plus V2 is a 75% mechanical keyboard that features a hot-swappable North facing LED PCB, Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity, though it does not have a "pocket" for the USB transceiver, as well as per key and side RGB. Bluetooth offers slots for three devices, allowing for a total of up to 4 devices including the dongle. It is available loaded with either Akko CS Crystal or White Wine switches and in a handful of colorway, all loaded with Akko ASA double shot keycaps.

The PC75B Plus V2 is made of a polycarbonate case and plate. The keyboard has a top-mount design, which helps to deliver a uniform sound profile. The keyboard also features a knob that can be used to control the volume or reprogrammed via Akko's Cloud driver software.

Overall, this is a well built, solid keyboard. The potentiometer knob is somewhat loose and I personally believe it should be a metal stem rather than plastic, but other than that, I found no issues and enjoy using this keyboard. If you want to know more, my video review is linked below.


3-Mode, Bluetooth 5.0 (3 slots), 2.4GHz, and USB-C
Polycarbonate semi-translucent case and PC plate
iPXE foam PCB sheet and silicone case dampener
North facing LED / 3 and 5 pin hot swap PCB
3000 mAh battery with a weight of 993 grams
Akko ASA double shot PBT keycaps with 25 extra novelty keys
Chin: 20mm    Back: 33mm  Typing Angle: 7°
First fold down legs: 40mm     Angle: 10°       
Last fold down legs: 48mm      Angle: 13°