May 31, 2023

Moon Programmer TKL

Moon Programmer TKL
Fker IK87, Kinetic Labs Moon V2, and Programmer Cherry Dye Sub PBT keycaps

I make it pretty well known that TKLs will always remain my favorite layout, though I do love them all. A while back I reviewed the Boyi IK87, which at the time I was not aware, despite the obvious 'IK', that this was in fact the Feker IK87 which I had my eye on for some time. The other day I decided to see what it would sound like with some new switches and keycaps, and decided on using some iPXE switch pads along the way; I was hoping to get rid of the pinging that was quite significant as can be heard during the sound test.

After installing the switch pads, I decided to throw the Moon V2 switches, which I also previously reviewed along with the Whale PBT keycaps. I also chose a keycap set that I only recently came across and being a programmer, well, I had to get it. It's called Programmer Theme, they are dye sub Cherry PBT keycaps with a nice 1.5mm thick body.

I was pleasantly surprised with the feel and sound after such a minimal effort, I didn't even open it up! I plan to come back and do a full mod, as there will always be some tray mounted keyboards that I enjoy, but I'm happy with how it's sounding now. What do you think?