September 18, 2023

The Age Old Question: Which Switch is the One for Me? Milktooth can help you decide

The Age Old Question: Which Switch is the One for Me? Milktooth can help you decide
Milktooth's switch testers loaded with switches to try

The one question that is asked the most on r/BudgetKeebs weekly question and answers thread has got to be "Which switch should I get?". In my opinion, there is no single "best" switch, and which switch people will like can differ with every person as it's a very subjective decision. In the past, when confronted with this question, my usual recommendation was to purchase a switch tester with individuals of switches that had read or heard in sound test so they could experience first hand, but that can still leave someone wanting a little more, to test  what it sounds and feels like to strike numerous keys at the same time or in a row.

This is where Milktooth comes in. They offer a service that I feel will be a perfect fit for some; for a $10 fee, you can pick ten different switches and receive a 4 switch tester loaded with (4) of each of the ten switches selected for testing at home, at your convenience and even in your own keyboard, for up to one business week. I personally found this to be a perfect way find which switches I am willing to invest in, and which ones I would have honestly regretted had I bought based on hype alone.

I've spoken with the owner several times while testing his service, and have also received the stamp of approval from a stalwart in the community, culminating in my determination that not only is this legitimate, but a service that I believe many will appreciate.

I made a video discussing my thoughts on the service in more detail.

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